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Dog Training Services

Dog Training

Train your puppy or young dog

We use positive reinforcement dog training methods to help potty train your puppy, help him get comfortable in his crate or don’t chew on things they shouldn’t. These are custom packages and designed for each particular puppy.

Train your mature dog 

We use positive reinforcement dog training methods to help your dog overcome bad habits like jumping on you when you come home and become. more comfortable doing things like going to the vet or getting in the car or water. 

Virtual Dog Training !!!NEW!!!

We work with you remotely so that you can train your dog at home! This is a two-for-one deal as you learn how to use training methods to train your dog and your dog shows better behavior!


Dog Walking

Neighborhood Walks

Your dog will get a 20 minute walk through your neighborhood. They’ll also receive gentle, dog-friendly loose leash walking and recall training.

Brain Games

If the weather is not so great, or your dog has mobility issues, they can still have fun! We’ll drop in and play games that focus on mental stimulation. These games are appropriate for all dogs. They can help calm your hyper pup, teach your adolescent dog patience and problem-solving skills, and keep your aging dog sharp.  

Big Adventures

These are exciting one to two mile hikes in local parks like Buffalo River State Park, M.B. Johnson Park, and more. Your dog will be on a 30 foot long line for the combination of freedom and safety. Much like the neighborhood walks, your dog will also receive gentle, dog-friendly loose leash walking and recall training.

Yard Pickup
An add-on to our dog walking service, we’ll rid your yard of dog waste, giving you more time to enjoy the moments you have with your pet. 


Dog Training is custom priced – contact Bailey for Dog Training pricing!

Other services

Yes! We do more!

Overnight Pet Sitting

A Laughing Dog employee will stay with your dog in your home while you’re away. This is a great option for those with fearful dogs, or those who just want to keep their dog in the comfort of their own home.

Light Grooming

Typically added on to other services; we’ll trim your dog’s nails, brush their teeth or comb their fur. We use cooperative care techniques, never forcing your dog to participate in care that makes them uncomfortable.

Pet Taxi

If you can’t make it to your dog’s vet or grooming appointments, we can help! We’ll record video of our conversations with your vet to make sure you have all the information you need.

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