Dog Training Resources

Here are some videos that may help you in training your dog (or cat!):

How to train your dog to get in the car

Does your dog get anxious in the car? Here’s how to help them.

In this video I am using a platform that I’ve trained Fozzi how to use. He’s comfortable on the platform and we’re moving from the platform into the vehicle. I have a high value treat for him to make this learning extra worthwhile! Learn more by watching the video!

How to train a reactive dog

Does your dog get reactive around new people?

In this video I use the “look at that” game to help a reactive dog learn to be more comfortable around new people! This learning can happen anywhere! 






How to train a cat to wave ‘hello’

Wouldn’t you love it if your cat could wave ‘hello’ to you!?

In this video view the progression I used to train this little kitty to wave hello!



There are move videos available on my channel! Click the videos to get there!

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