Dog Training Resources

Here are some videos that may help you in training your dog (or cat!):

How to Get Your Dog to Let You Check His Face

See the difference between traditional and cooperative care.

This short video shows two versions of a wound assessment. For the purposes of this video, Calvin the Cocker Spaniel has a pretend cut on his face that his handler needs to check. You’ll see the difference between a traditional care scenario, and a cooperative care scenario.

In the traditional scenario, both dog and human are frustrated and mildly distressed. Calvin spends the entire process jerking his face away, trying to escape.

In the cooperative care scenario, Calvin lets his handler know he’s ready to begin by lying down on a mat (an example of a start button). The handler presents her hand (a trained cue for Calvin to rest his chin in her hand), and Calvin rests his chin there, keeping his face still enough for his handler to get a good look at his {pretend} wound.

How to train your dog to get in the car

Does your dog get anxious in the car? Here’s how to help them.

In this video I am using a platform that I’ve trained Fozzi how to use. He’s comfortable on the platform and we’re moving from the platform into the vehicle. I have a high value treat for him to make this learning extra worthwhile! Learn more by watching the video!

How to train a reactive dog

Does your dog get reactive around new people?

In this video I use the “look at that” game to help a reactive dog learn to be more comfortable around new people! This learning can happen anywhere! 






How to train a cat to wave ‘hello’

Wouldn’t you love it if your cat could wave ‘hello’ to you!?

In this video view the progression I used to train this little kitty to wave hello!



There are move videos available on my channel! Click the videos to get there!

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