A white and yellow clicker sits atop the white paws of a dog

There are so many clicker choices! Where is a person supposed to start? 

If you are looking at all of the options available to you, and feeling overwhelmed, I hope this post can be of help.

The classic box clicker produces the loudest, most crisp-sounding click. It is super-cheap and readily available. You can find it at any pet store. I think I’ve even seen a box clicker at Walmart. I will say that the downside to these clickers – they are difficult to use while wearing mittens or thick gloves. This may not not the best choice for pets that are sensitive to loud noises.

Then there is the the I-Click. It is popular among professional trainers, and for good reason! It is easier to use while wearing mittens or gloves, and it is easy to click with your foot. If you’re ever working on something that requires both of your hands, but you can use your toe/heel to mark the behavior, this is probably the clicker you want to use. 

There are some fancier clickers that fill a niche. The Clicinco Clicker Ring is a clicker that is worn on a finger like a ring. I have not yet used one. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this clicker. Some people love it, and others have been less impressed. I’m told it is not a loud click, but if you are looking for something to wear like a ring, this may be the right clicker for you. 

This PetSafe clicker is another one that you can wear on your finger. I have two of these! One for my car and one for my living room. I like it a lot. It produces a softer click. It is fairly easy to use when wearing thin-medium weight gloves, which is great when you live on the Minnesota-North Dakota boarder like me. I typically wear this one when I am training all day and my hand gets fatigued from holding a box clicker all day. 

Then we have the Click Stick! I also have one of these. This is great for teaching a targeting behavior to animals that don’t like to have their space invaded, are uncomfortable getting close to your body, or are too dangerous to work closely with.

Finally, we have this ingenious clicker that attaches to the leash! I have one of these and LOVE it. Fairly easy to use with gloves or mittens, but not as easy as the I-Click clicker. It is a softer click than the box clicker. 

The industry is constantly evolving and experiencing innovations, so there may be more clicker styles than I have listed here. But I hope that this list can help my readers choose a clicker that will function well in their daily lives!

A small dog with clicker